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About Us

Founded in Vienna, Austria in 2012, "Tanuh Gmbh" has adopted the vision of meeting the expectations of its customers at the highest level, with the awareness that the greatest wealth is health, with respect to human and nature, adhering to law, economic and moral principles, and being sensitive to safety and environment.


As "Tanuh Gmbh", we are proud of continuing our activities by growing day by day with our understanding of high standard quality service. In line with the new and inevitable realities brought by the information era, we realize our services in accordance with national and international legal regulations and standards in order to see, look and understand the needs of our valued customers with our solution partner identity. Since our establishment, we continue to build the future with the pride of being a pioneering and exemplary company that is sensitive to people and the environment, by continuously improving our understanding of quality, with the strength from our unity.

Why Choose Tanuh Ges.m.bH?


Thanks to our decades of diverse experience, we intuitively know and deliver what our clients need in order to be successful. We are well-versed when it comes to the tools and skills that are critical for effectively developing our client´s roadmap for change.

Assess, Align, Achieve

At Tanuh Ges.m.b.H, we employ the Assess, Align, Achieve approach. First, we assess your current state in terms of strengths and opportunities. From there, we align your people, processes and priorities to a strategy. In doing so, we achieve your goals.

Personal Approach

We don’t believe in a cookie cutter approach to the work we do. There’s only one way to bring clarity to our clients – we take the time to listen first, and then act. We’ll create a customized plan that aligns with your needs and will be certain to deliver the success you desire.


In times of globalised markets and increasing competition, Financial Engineering is extremely important for both our national and international customers. Therefore, “Tanuh Ges.m.b.H” considers Business Development as core parts of its business. Our tailor-made solutions and services actively support your Business Success locally and globally.

With Tanuh Ges.m.b.H as your partner you will benefit from the know-how, efficiency and flexibility of our Financial and Consulting experts. Professional consulting and innovative solutions are an important part of our culture - we are looking forward to working with you.

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Social Responsibility

As TANUH, our endless respect for nature and the environment is one of the main foundations of our business understanding. In this context, we work with sustainable economic development models that protect nature and animals for a sustainable environment. In addition, by donating 1 percent of our income to various animal associations, we support the accommodation, nutrition and health expenses of stray animals in need, and we carry out activities to encourage the development of this understanding. You can also support our social responsibility projects for a sustainable future. Because your health, well-being and well-being actions are your true wealth.

Animal Rights

By donating 1 percent of our income to various animal associations, we support the accommodation, nutrition and health expenses of stray animals in need.


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