In times of globalised markets and increasing competition, Financial Engineering is extremely important for both our national and international customers. Therefore, “Tanuh Ges.m.b.H” considers Business Development as core parts of its business. Our tailor-made solutions and services actively support your Business Success locally and globally.

With Tanuh Ges.m.b.H as your partner you will benefit from the know-how, efficiency and flexibility of our Financial and Consulting experts. Professional consulting and innovative solutions are an important part of our culture - we are looking forward to working with you.


International Consulting

We have the capabilities, experience and skill set to provide solutions ranging from board level strategy, financing, Marketing development to operational improvement and hands-on implementation support.

  • Board level strategy
  • Financing
  • Marketing development
  • Operational improvement
  • Implementation support

Business Development

We provide flexible teams of business developers with analytical and entrepreneurial mindsets, to solve your toughest business challenges. With our clients, we craft and implement solutions with measurable results.

  • Analytical and entrepreneurial mindsets
  • Flexible teams of business developers
  • Measurable results

Financial Engineering

Coupling our expertise with our passion for financial workflows,Tanuh Ges.m.b.H, has been creating custom solutions and delivering actionable insights to meet our clients’ business demands.

  • Custom solutions
  • Actionable insights
  • Specialized knowledge and expertise

Investment Advisory

We offer independent investment advisory services to clients seeking to allocate their capital to exceptional investment opportunities. Tanuh Ges.m.b.H makes full use of its extensive network of resources to execute transactions as quickly as possible while also developing the most appropriate solution.

  • Extensive network
  • Exceptional investment opportunities

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